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Golfito, adjacent to the Golfito Bay, is located in the beautiful Golfo Dulce (Sweet Bay) and is the former banana port previously owned by what is known today as the Chiquita Banana Company. Much of the tourism in Golfito focuses on the sport fishing industry.

However, the Piedras Blancas National Park is located just outside of Golfito and protects over 34,000 acres of rainforest and wildlife. Golfito offers small marinas, yachting and boating services, sport fishing and is a destination for cruise ships. For many boaters, the tranquil waters in the southernmost tip of Costa Rica is usually the last stop in this beautiful country before heading to Panama and beyond.

Golfito is about a 5 hour drive from San Jose or a 45-minute commuter flight on Sansa or Nature Air.


Golfito Dental
Pueblo Civil de Golfito, Costa Rica
(50 mtrs from INS Building, 2nd floor)