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Golfito Dental provides personalized, high-quality dental care to all of our patients.  So if you're coming into Golfito for your dental care needs or you live here, we strive to assist you in any way possible.   Medical tourism is very popular in Costa Rica because the cost is low and the care is great!   All of our doctors are certified by the Costarican Board of Dentistry and are trained for their specialty.

Patients who are visiting Golfito Dental from out of town and need assistance or referrals for transportation, lodging or activities can contact  us  at (506) 2775-2060 or via email at    You can also view some key businesses on our links page.

Patient Services and Medical Tourism

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Golfito Dental
Pueblo Civil  Golfito, Costa Rica
(50 mtrs from INS Building, 2nd floor)